July 21, 2012

Help From the North!

I can remember when I first began to publish the Florida Music Letter, it was the early 1990’s and much was different in the world of music. In fact, many of the restraints that existed in reaching readers all but disappeared with technological advancements. The World Wide Web now means that readers all over the world can read the Florida Music Letter. Believe me, I found out right away how powerful the electronic format could be. Steve Holt, President of Inner Music and Media Group in Toronto Canada contacted me and told me about the services his company offered. He also let me know that his company was able to offer those services to Florida musicians and music companies. That’s why this month we are featuring a company outside the state of Florida. Because I found out the world is getting smaller and support for Florida music can come from anywhere in the world. I could say a lot more but it might be better to let Steve tell you himself in the video below.

Edward Reid

Inner Music and Media Group Services

Corporate and Promotional Videos
Flashy...?  Or simple? Our team creates extraordinary videos that inspire and get the points across. Make a powerful presentation with our custom video.

Recorded Music
We produce demo or finished recordings for performing artists and songwriters. For vocalists, we access our songwriters for new or custom material, as well as a host of session musicians or MIDI instruments.

Voice overs
We produce professional voice overs using our own in-house voices, as well as by accessing our network of professionals. The result is a custom product designed to match the exact requirements of the job.

Ad Videos / TV Spots
We create original and creative videos to advertise your products or services. Our videos range vastly in style due to the eclectic expertise we offer... from cartoon, animated videos, to live-action ads with realistic effects.

Educational / Instructional Videos
We can create educational and instructional videos of any kind on any subject. Using animation to clearly illustrate the topics of the video, the material becomes concise and easy to understand.

We provide professional 3D animated video in a diverse number of styles. From cartoon animation, to lifelike computer graphics. For whatever needs you have, we have the skills to create it.

Music Videos
We create videos to perfectly compliment your song. We will work with the artist to assure that the the music and video become one. From energetic rock music, to emotional acoustic songs, and everything in between. 

GENERAL inquiries info@innermusicstudio.com

MUSIC and AUDIO steve@innermusicstudio.com

VOICE OVERS studio@innermusicstudio.com

VIDEO /ANIMATION ryan@innermusicstudio.com

Telephone (905) 492-2000