April 21, 2012

Studio and Engineer

DON HYINK: Owner, operator, and founder of Blackstar Studio, is a producer, recording engineer, and a professional musician with over 34 years of experience. He has been featured on multiple recordings both as recording engineer/producer and as instrumentalist. Don Hyink has worked in a wide range of musical styles as well as other music related productions. He particularly enjoys working with microphones and instruments that "move air".

Blackstar Studio's mission has always been about the musician. In the more than 15 years we have been in operation, countless bands, singers, songwriters, and those needing recording services have come through our door. At first most of the activity was providing bands a decent place to rehearse, then the recording part began to grow, and now Blackstar Studio has evolved into a very capable recording facility. Originally conceived of as a studio that would bridge the large gap between the many "home studios" and the numerous commercial operations, Blackstar has more than achieved that goal. We strive to not only give our clients a product that they can be proud of, but an opportunity to work on their craft.
Nothing is more exciting than seeing someone bring in their project, go through the recording process, and finish with something that exceeds their expectations as well as finding that they have taken valuable steps forward in their creative journey! Of course we have gained valuable experience with them. 

Blackstar Studio is located in a commercial area not far from Tamiami Airport in Kendall (Miami,Florida). It's dimensions are roughly 30 x 20 x 20. The neighborhood is safe, easy to find, and with ample parking.
We work with analogue, digital, or a combination of both recording mediums. Final mixes can be delivered on CD, DAT, regular cassette, or on any of the mediums we work with.
In the live room we have a 1929 Knabe Baby Grand, a Hammond organ with full pedals and a Leslie cabinet, a drum kit, bass rig and a selection of Fender amps. There is a nice selection of microphones and some premium mic pre's. By using gobos, multi-tracking, mic selection and mic placement, the absence of designated isolation booths hasn't been a problem.

BOARD Soundtracs Topaz 48 input, 8-buss
MICROPHONES Soundelux ELUX 251, Audio-technica 4050, 4041, ATM-25, AKG 414 - TL II, Beyerdynamic M-88 TG, M 260 N(C) ribbon, Earthworks QTC-1 (stereo pair), Neumann U87, Royer 121 ribbon, Sennheiser 421 (3), 441 (2), Shure SM-57 (5), SM-58 (3), SM-81 (2), Beta 57, Beta 58, assorted dynamics.
PROCESSORS TC Electronics Finalizer "96k", M-2000, D-two (delay), Chandler Ltd. "TG Channel" (Abbey Road Edition), Vintech "X 73" Channel/mic. pre., Empirical Labs "EL 8-X Distressor" (with British mode), Orban (parametric eq's and compressors), Alesis Q-2, Lexicon LXP-15 II, Antares pitch corrector, Avalon 737 (tube mic pre/compressor), Avalon AD 2022 (mic pre), Avalon U-5's (D.I.), Line 6 Pod Pro (amp/speaker simulator), dbx 566 (tube compressor), assorted pieces from dbx, Behringer.
RECORDERS Tascam DA-88 (24 tracks) digital, Tascam MS-16 (16 track 1" reel-to-reel), Tascam TSR-8 (8 track 1/2" reel-to-reel), DA-30 mk II (2) DAT recorders, CD-RW 5000 (2) CD burners, CD-RW 2000 CD burner, Sony dual well pro cassette.
SPEAKERS ADAM “P-33-A” (control room monitors), Wright “Wavefront III” (control room monitors), JBL “4311” (playback), Klipsch “La Scala” (live room mains), Klipsch “ KSM-2” (live room floor monitors)
OTHER ASSORTED GOODIES Knabe Baby Grand Piano, Hammond with Leslie and bass pedals, Fender Guitar amps, Bass Rig, Assorted cabinets.

Blackstar Studios 12187 S.W. 132 Court,
Miami, FL 33186 Phone: 305-235-5043