April 21, 2014

Orlando Based New Business Chosen as Outstanding Entrepreneur for Accelerator Program at the University of Central Florida

Orlando based LiveMusicTutor.com, the world’s first education eco-system specially created to support music education has been accepted by the Innovation Concourse of the Southeast at the University of Central Florida (UCF). The unique online music coaching platform engages students, music enthusiasts and fans with an exclusive experience that provides live real time, interactive online one-on-one and group instruction for all instruments and genres of music, along with voice lessons from trusted musicians worldwide. LiveMusicTutor.com has been chosen as one of the outstanding entrepreneurial companies to partake in the concourse. Innovation Concourse of the Southeast is a small business accelerator based out of the University of Central Florida’s Office of Research and Commercialization that supports technology based businesses with high growth opportunities. The program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDoL) and is designed to accelerate the strategic growth of the business and celebrate entrepreneurs with outstanding opportunities for the future.

LiveMusicTutor.com will have access to the unique opportunities offered by the Innovation Concourse of the Southeast including one-on-one business coaching, technology and investment development, introduction to the UCF Mentor Network, and strategic investors. The announcement will provide LiveMusicTutor.com the opportunity to continue to build and align its proprietary technology with dual music curriculum with music instructors and those that are interested in being music students globally.

“LiveMusicTutor.com continues to grow and offer our community a unique opportunity to learn music whether through our interactive curriculums or just to learn a song for a special occasion or person on their terms,” said Ted Gee, Chairman and CEO of LiveMusicTutor.com. “We have already seen outstanding recognition for our proprietary, fully interactive two-way video classrooms and are honored that we have been accepted into the Innovation Concourse of the Southeast. After all, innovation is what we are all about.”

LiveMusicTutor.com enables music students and enthusiasts to find music instructors teaching the instruments and styles of their choice from every corner of the globe. The decline in music education in our schools and geography are no longer a constraint in finding high quality music instruction that is convenient, affordable and in a safe environment anytime 24 hours a day. It also serves as a social networking environment that will allow anyone to create a complimentary profile and to be part of the LMT community, however only instructors and students will be participating in the classroom.

LiveMusicTutor.com developed a proprietary, unique point system where students earn points for taking lessons and classes as well as practice time, viewing videos and submitting their own performance videos. It categorizes instructors by experience levels, certifications, instruments and instruction capability. All instructors are screened and have had extensive background checks to insure the safety of all involved. Live instructors are based all over the world offering students a global learning experience.

LiveMusicTutor.com was founded in 2011 by Jason Goughnour, a life-long musician and Ted Gee, a business leader of Fortune 500 companies and best-selling author. LiveMusicTutor.com is a custom, fully interactive two-way video classroom loaded with features which gives instructors and student’s tools that will help promote a fun, unique and safe learning experience. Features for both private one-on-one lessons and multi-student group classes are available. The company’s motto is Learn, Play, Share and is representative of the global community offered to students with an emphasis on availability, ease and affordability. LiveMusicTutor.com is constantly updating the site and with new offerings to students and testimonials from students who have thrived from their personal instructions. It is led by a team of award-winning, high-level business leaders and music innovators and is based in Orlando, Florida. For more information go to
www.livemusictutor.com or
www.facebook.com/livemusictutor or