June 21, 2014

Meet JADE Passion!

Penetrating the scene with unrelenting talent, Jade Passion is fueled by the desire to reveal great music. The fiery siren is a singer, rapper, and songwriter which are the suitable elements of a triple threat. Passion’s feminine style, melodious tone and vigorous delivery equates to her being an authentic musician. Born Jemima Alberic this Nassau, Bahamas native hails from a lineage of talent. “When I told my dad I wanted to sing he revealed to me that my mom was the singer in the family,” explains Jade. After the great revelation of her mom’s gift the zealous star pursued her birthright with force.

Influenced by human emotions Jade uses this motivation to create music that is relatable to the average. The young lyricist’s music is crafted to soothe the human soul while entertaining them simultaneously. Jade’s music is an emotional trigger that induces positive expression. Her prevailing style demonstrates her desire to make her music specifically for activating an effect. “I love to see the smiles on people’s faces”. Other people’s lives inspire the rising icon to make music that evokes smiles and aural satisfaction. “I can’t seem to write about myself, but when I see something in someone else’s life that touches me I get the urge to make a song.”

Her intense style caters to the everyday lives and experiences of women, men both young and old. The vocalist has developed her music to not only encourage the emotion of love, but also create an uprising towards self-esteem. Jade’s goal is to empower her fans domestic and international without boundaries. Through her music she is focused on giving hope and teaching self-respect. “The message I’m sending in my music is high self-esteem, confidence, empowerment, love and respect, and self-confidence,” explains the song-bird. The young star has received positive feedback and support from her fans, which she so affectionately refers to as her “Passionate Friends.” Passion’s followers are not just regional she has gained a loyal following throughout the world. Her positive impact on her fans circulates a reciprocal effect giving her gratification from their support. “My passionate friends are well appreciated and it feels great that their support extends throughout the world. Although the language barrier is there they still manage to tell me how much they appreciate me and that gives me joy.”

Delivering a sound reminiscent of the resilient and empowering manner of many female artists of the 80’s and 90’s; Jade Passion releases her romantic song “My Baby’s World” a slow ballad with a clever sample of the popular James Brown Classic “It's A Man's World”. The talented artist’s music has no limits none in her opinion is better than the other, “I favor all of my music that’s the only way I would release them,” The emerging diva has already gained the attention of many fans local and international needless to see she is well on her way to being an global superstar.

Here is a brief interview conducted recently with Jade Passion:

FML: How old were you when you realized that you wanted to sing?

JP: I was eight years old when I started to sing. I was in school in the Bahamas and got a chance to sing the national anthem and it went well. I went home and immediately told my dad about it and he encouraged me to continue singing. 

FML: Have you had any formal vocal or musical training?

JP: Not really. I was a part of my high school chorus which was a very popular chorus (Boynton Beach High School) and got the opportunity to travel and sing extensively.

FML: If a young, aspiring musician approached you for advice, what is the first step they should take?

JP: Whatever you do be sure you love this music thing. it’s a lot of work and not just a hobby. It drains your pockets. In the end if you really love what you are doing you will enjoy it.

FML: Is there something that you would have done differently if given the chance? 

JP: I would have started pushing myself earlier. I would have taken time and made an effort to start my music career earlier in my life.

FML: Is there a particular venue (place) where you dream of performing?

JP: I don’t really have a particular place, but I want to be able to perform in front of millions of people. The venue is not important as long as there are people who have come to hear me sing.

FML: You are releasing a new EP soon. Will it include new material, and if so are the songs different than your previous works? 

JP: The EP contains all new material. There are six songs total and it is actually finished. Right now I am deciding on promotion and distribution of the EP.  The music is very different from previous work as it contains pop music, and some Compas. This EP will display much more of what I can do musically.

FML: Is there a musical goal that you want to attain next?

JP: The very next thing I want to do is put out a video for one of the songs on the EP. I don’t just want one of those videos that people can see on MTV from unsigned artists locally. I want the video to go far so that more people can hear about me.