November 21, 2018

Gear Up For The 16 Year Anniversary Of The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase

Time once again for an Industry 'Call To Arms'. The nationally syndicated FM / Internet broadcast 'Rock Solid Pressure' featuring the 'Dungeon Duo' DJ team of J-Rock and Patty The Radio Girl, are currently gearing up for the 16 Year Anniversary of the 'Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase'. The event will be held Saturday December 1st at The Brass Mug in Tampa Florida.. For those of you that attend religiously every year, expect another amazing event on the Tampa Bay gulf. This is the rallying cry to gear up for the annual trek to the Sunshine State.

J-Rock and Patty plan to blow away the music industry once again, and you're all invited. You'll witness 20 of the best unsigned bands in the State as they perform for 'huge names' in the music industry. You're going to be amazed by innovative new bands who have been honing their craft on national stages throughout Florida and the rest of the country. A lot of these bands have already been on national tours as well. This will be the 16 Year Anniversary for the Showcase, and once again, it will be held at the historic Brass Mug. One of the best national concert venues on the gulf. Tickets are now on sale. Please be advised, the Showcase is always a sold out event. Please book your flights, hotel rooms, and get those tickets NOW!!

The Showcase is always praised by the media as being a totally unique experience. Many have stated it's the best Industry Showcase in North America. It's all about music and serious networking, and it's always a monumental event. There is a stellar lineup of panelists this year as well. They will critique, advise, and possibly sign, endorse, sponsor, or put their full support behind these amazing bands. Who in their own right, are on the cusp of becoming the next household name. This event has become one of the most talked about Showcases in the country. The annual anticipation is reaching a fever pitch right now. Don't wait another year for this experience. Make sure you witness the eye-popping event in all it's raging glory on December 1st.

20 of the best unsigned Indie/Hard Rock/Metal bands will be offered up for the industry in another slam bang event. The Showcase also gives the general public a peek inside the recording industry. This is how it's 'really' done for unsigned bands to attract label attention. Forget all that 'Music Reality TV' brainwashing. The public will also hear from the panelists after every performance, but it's best to be in attendance when the Showcase begins. The Opening Ceremonies is where you will meet the panelists and hear about what they do in the industry.

The Rock Solid Pressure radio broadcast has always had an uncanny knack for discovering the best unsigned bands in the country (and the WORLD) and moving their career forward. The show's track record for getting bands signed to record labels, management deals, endorsements, national tours, etc, is spotless. The Rock Solid Pressure Show has been a staple in the unsigned music forum since 2002.

The Rock Solid Pressure Show exploded onto the scene in a small Connecticut radio station (Cameo Broadcasting) in 2002. It originated as a revolt to the fluffy Reality Music TV shows, namely 'American Idol'. The broadcast quickly became an underground hit. Live Showcases for Sony Records quickly followed. The multi sponsored show moved to Florida in 2004 and now commands an immense following through FM and internet syndication. Their Industry Showcase has also grown in scope over the years. It is no longer an exclusive event for members of the Sony Records A&R team. Many new labels and industry insiders have jumped on the panels throughout the years. And word of mouth has forged a dynasty for the unsigned music community with this annual event. Some of the biggest names in the music industry have frequented the Showcase panels throughout the years

The 'Rock Solid Pressure' radio show is also known for featuring the best A-List Superstar guests. J-Rock and Patty are continually re-inventing the airwaves. Although the broadcast is mainly known for new music, they also feature a playlist chock full of the best signed, and unsigned bands from the past 5 decades. The Rock Solid Pressure Show, which broadcast's from a Dungeon no less, is also sprinkled with witty, dark humor, along with the top industry, and concert news of the week. J-Rock and Patty can also be seen hosting, and coordinating national concert events and festivals on the Tampa Bay Gulf. Their name is also a staple in the music scene worldwide. They didn't get the moniker as being 'The Hardest Working DJ's In Radio' for nothing. They are out in the trenches every week at concert events. Not just making an 'appearance'.They are there from start to finish! They have gone beyond the call of duty, and their work in the field is unmatched by any DJ Team, Promoters, or Booking Agents..EVER!

J-Rock and Patty The Radio Girl have been in the music scene individually for over 30 years. J-Rock is a well known touring musician who hails from New Jersey. He's shared stages with some of the biggest bands in the world. His 8 albums with various bands, have charted internationally. He also became a favorite of the press, and the CMJ charts, with his two solo outings.. He is also a former Rock Journalist, former Sony Records Associate, and presently, an A&R consultant for many record labels and huge management agencies. J-Rock is also an Events Coordinator for some of the best venues on the gulf. Patty was a corporate FM radio host in Connecticut, and a TV personality in Greece. When the pair teamed up as the broadcast duo for Rock Solid Pressure in 2002, an enigma was born. They literally revolutionized radio with their fun, interactive show (Which started as an on-air gameshow for Rock Bands). The broadcast has changed drastically over the years, and morphed into a more Rock/Metal variety show with comedic 'Horror' overtones. But J-Rock and Patty are still out in the field discovering great bands. The broadcast is constantly being shopped to FM/Internet markets around the country. Whatever the appeal, the popularity grows stronger every week, and the superstar guests keep coming in droves. It's hard to name any Superstar of the Hard Rock/Metal genre that has 'not' been a guest in their dungeon. This also includes Horror Movie stars and directors. This is also a very special time for the show, as they celebrate 16 years on the air. Tune in every Monday night at 7:00pm (EST USA) and join the party.

J-Rock is the mastermind behind the entire Rock Solid Pressure concept. His name is synonymous with the music industry at large. His method is finding the alternative to the pop sensations being bred on Reality Music TV and shattering that concept. And let's face it, the onslaught of the Music Reality TV shows are leaving a 'lot' to be desired. This is not how the industry works. These shows are actually hurting 'real' musicians and bands who have spent years crafting their talent in the field. J-Rock understands the other side of a marketable industry that was set back by these reality shows. No performer is left out at the industry Showcase. There is no 'winner'. Every band will move their career forward at this event..Period!.

Here is the official lineup for The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase 2018

1:00pm: OPENING CEREMONIES (Meet The Panelists)

Performing bands in order of appearance
NEVERLESS (Sarasota)
THE TIME FRAMED (Clearwater)
SKARZ (Tarpon Springs)
THE DOOD (Sarasota)
NOSELF (New Smyrna Beach))
BURIAL AT SEA (Lakeland)
WARLAB (Tampa)

Doors will open at Noon. There will be a $14 cover charge at the door. All Ages welcome..
The event will be held at The Brass Mug, 1450 Skipper Road, Tampa Florida 33613

Special guests on the industry panel this year consist of..

MATT LaPLANT: Mega-Producer who is know worldwide for producing albums for BIELER BROTHERS, ROADRUNNER, ATLANTIC, and many many more. His landmark work with NONPOINT, SKINDRED, and hundreds of huge names, even JUSTIN BIEBER, makes Matt one of the most in demand Producers in the world. Matt always chooses some Showcase bands to work with every year. This will be Matt's 11th year on the panel.
*Matt has had Showcase bands signed

THOM HAZAERT: A&R for EMP MUSIC GROUP / COMBAT RECORDS (David Ellefson's labels). Thom is one of the most well known figures in the Industry. He gained success at JIVE, WARNER BROS, INTERSCOPE, and lot's more. He was also behind the success of NONPOINT, LIMP BIZKIT, PAPA ROACH, and ton's more. Not to mention his status as a Radio Personality and Film Maker (Just google his name). Extremely excited to have Thom back on the panel for his 2nd year at the Showcase.

EBONY JEANETTE: PROSTHETIC RECORDS: Ebony gained international attention as a member of Century Media Records. She then started her own PR firm, and is also now a huge part of Prosthetic Records, which is known for launching the careers of LAMB OF GOD, ALL THAT REMAINS, SCALE THE SUMMIT, ACACIA STRAIN, ANIMALS AS LEADERS and more. Their current roster includes MARTY FRIEDMAN, STARKILL, SKELETONWITCH, THE ATLAS MOTH, and tons more. Besides her never ending work for the label. Ebony is also busy with her PR firm. This will be Ebony's first year on the panel.

KENNY COLGATE: Rep from ECLIPSE RECORDS: Artists include SAINT DIABLO, MINDSHIFT, GENUS ORDINIS DEI, NABERUS, COLD SNAP, and lots more. Alumni includes MUSHROOMHEAD, SCUM OF THE EARTH, and lot's more. Kenny was a panelist at the 2016 Showcase. Great to have him back

GHEE YEH: Rep for RETROSPECT RECORDS: Artists include MYSTERY, VIXEN, KEEL, and many many more. Retrospect also plays a prominent role at ROCKLAHOMA every year. Ghee Yeh will also offer one band of his choosing a prime slot at ROCKLAHOMA 2019. This will be Retrospect's 4th year on the panel
*Bands that have been awarded the Rocklahoma slot at the past 3 Showcases have been 5 STAR HOOKER, CODA CUTLASS, A BRILLIANT LIE

STEPHANIE JENSEN: Former A&R for CHUCK D Presents SLAMJAMZ RECORDS: From working with giants in the Industry like Chuck D, to NOW launching her own Heavy Metal TV series 'INFERNAL TV'. Stephanie is a fast moving player in this business. This will be Stephanie's 2nd year on the panel.

*REPS WHO WILL NOT BE IN ATTENDANCE, but are still working with the Showcase. This is an added bonus for performing bands..

RICK HERBERT: CEO of ACE HIGH PRINTING: Ace High is known throughout the country as being one of the top Merch manufacturers. With offices in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Their clients are in the thousands. Not only do they service almost every band in Florida. Their high visibility clientele include KORN, MADONNA, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH, KISS, KAMELOT, and many many more. This will be their 9th year with the Showcase. The company will also choose one band to receive a custom Merch package that will include 50 T-SHIRTS, 4x8 BACKDROP BANNER, TWO 4x6 FINISHED SIDE STAGE SCRIMS (or 2 Guitar or Bass cab Scrims), UP TO 2 KICK DRUM COVERS, 500 FULL COLOR STICKERS..

KELLY WALSH: Senior Publicist at FOR THE WIN MEDIA: Kelly's clients include CENTURY MEDIA, PROSTHETIC, and many more labels. She is a former honcho at PROSTHETIC RECORDS. After resigning from Prosthetic. She is now free, and searching, to sign bands to 'For The Win Media'. Which is quickly becoming one of the best Agencies on the planet. Kelly will not be in attendance, but will review, and possibly sign, Showcase bands who's music fit's with her company. This will be Kelly's 3rd year with the Showcase

THOMAS 'SMITTY' SMITH: CEO from SP UNLIMITED: Huge name in the Industry. Former Sony / Live Nation. Currently deals with tons of labels like ATLANTIC, COLUMBIA, REPRISE, EPIC, FRONTIERS, ROADRUNNER, CLEOPATRA, WARNER BROS, RAT PAK, and many more. Smitty will not be in attendance, but will review Showcase bands who's music fit's with SP Unlimited. This will be Smitty's 3rd year with the Showcase.

ALSO..As longtime attendee's of this event know, many A&R reps from almost every label worth their salt usually come unannounced.


And, as usual, there will also be a Pre-Party on Friday Nov 30th. Performing bands on this bill are all Showcase Alumni..They include

*There will also be Industry Reps attending the Pre-Party

Doors for the Pre-Party will be 7:00pm. Admission $10

And it's all happening at.....

1450 Skipper Road
Tampa, FL
*Tickets are on sale now

The Brass Mug is one of the best, and historic, national venues on the Tampa Bay gulf. This legendary venue has been a staple on the national Florida music scene since the 90's.