April 21, 2020

Rising hip-hop star “Ed that’s my cup” will release his LP soon

Florida based hip-hop star Edward Robertson proves to fans that he belongs to hip-hop

Already known for his courageous advocacy against addiction to drugs like benzodiazepines and having amassed an Instagram following exceeding 10K in a very short time, Edward Robertson is about to release his first LP.

Edward Robertson, known to fans as “Hugthecup or Edthatsmycup” has been a devoted hip-hop fan since the age of 8. At the age of 16 he was well-versed in performing and started recording. He writes his own music and feels strongly that expressing one’s own thoughts succinctly is what helps define the uniqueness of any hip-hop star, in other words: it is not like singing of a hymn sheet written by someone else. Although many would argue it is his ability to take real life events along with important issues and bring it into his music that strikes a chord with fans, Edward is surely very talented too and evolved into his own recognizable brand.

As a staunch supporter of artists like Nipsey Hussle, Roddy Ricch, Kid Cudi, Mac Miller, J. Cole and YNW Melly, it is easy to see where Robertson draws his music inspiration from – and how he manages to redefine his own unique music brand, with his style, his thoughts and practically, his world of experiences. Edward says “I feel very close to fans and other artists in the hip-hop community, not just because of our interaction on social media, but I am also an avid follower of our entire scene through publications like Elevator-Worldstar and Hot97. I believe with hip-hop, first you have to be a huge fan, to love and respect the style - and then an artist.”

When there is a powerful message in music, it adds meaning to what an artist does. Having grown up in the US essentially during at time when the opioid crisis reached its peak, Edward reaches out to people who suffer from addiction and anxiety. He has first hand experience in what it takes to overcome these challenges and believes that through his music and by being a strong advocate, awareness can be raised that will alleviate this huge problem in the world and ultimately to touch the lives of people who feel they’re alone in their fight against addiction and anxiety.

Edward says there is again a message in the music when it gets to the music he produces right now: “At this point in time when much of the world grapples with COVID-19 lockdowns – not only us here in Florida, things like anxiety and addiction is flaring up again. We hear politicians and the president pointing out that related suicides and drug abuse can become worse than coronavirus itself. I know many fans are wondering what the world has become – and I’ll have a special message for them in the music, which I hope will strike a chord with them and be inspirational.”

The best way to know more about the coming LP is to keep track of Edward. Following EDTHATSMYCUP is quite easy and exciting as he is quite active and explicit on social media. Fans typically get hold of his music on his Spotify artist profile and keep track of his whereabouts via this Instagram page.