February 21, 2017

Musgrove Music Distribution Provides Artists And Record Labels A Place To Be Heard On A National Platform

Musgrove Music Distribution is the hottest distribution firm for gospel artists who are ready to take their music to the next level!

Musgrove Music Distribution, powered by the distributing giant Concore/Universal Music Distribution, provides access to multiple sales platforms and exposure opportunities for artists in the Gospel and Christian music genres. Whether it’s for the independent artist who needs management and/or promotional services; or for a smaller record label that needs to have a distribution affiliate in place; Musgrove Music Distribution is the “one-stop” “go-to” resource, fulfilling the needs of artists and organizations that don’t have access to the promotional power of a major record label.

Daniel Musgrove founded the company, after observing that there is an overabundance of great Gospel/Christian music being created that will never achieve its fullest potential, nor make a substantial public impact, without sufficient support. With the backing of (and in tandem with) distribution conglomerate Concore/Universal Music Distribution, Musgrove Music Distribution works to provide not only music publishing services, but also multi-media development; marketing campaigns; promotions; booking and management; video production; and other services that would prove invaluable to the individual artist and/or up-and-coming record label.

Daniel Musgrove is a multi-media mogul in his own right, as he is the founder and CEO of Musgrove Music, Inc., which includes musgrovemusictv.com, an internet television network ministry that broadcasts to an audience of over a half-million viewers in 153 countries globally. Viewers can tune in at MMGHTV.org for their regular live dose of singing, preaching, praise, and inspiration; and all the shows’ episodes are just a click away to be viewed again at will.

Musgrove Music, Inc. also has a fully equipped, state-of-the-art, in-house digital studio that proves to be a valuable resource for prospective clients. Patrons have access to industry professionals who take the audio/visual recording needs of their clients to heart. Musgrove Music, Inc. is prepared to assist with audio and video recording, with mixing and mastering engineers on staff; music, songwriting, and production for recording artists; television production and editing; direction and advisement for television show and commercial production; multi-media marketing and artist development; scoring and soundtrack creation; and a host of other services all geared to advance a recording artist’s and/or television personality’s career goals exponentially.

Daniel Musgrove is an ordained, licensed evangelical minister of the Gospel, and he is very serious about the mandate on his life. He is committed to reaching people through every possible method, and this is reflected through his use of digital media. He is among the trailblazers of modern multi-media availability by always seeking new and interesting ways to provide to the masses greater access to the gospel of Jesus Christ. One thing that sets musgrovemusictv.com apart from other similar media outlets is that viewers can go to mmgctv.org and have the option to view live broadcasts from the network globally on any smart device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, smart television, etc.). With this option, along with links to previous broadcast episodes from the network available on YouTube and Facebook, all of Daniel Musgrove’s media accomplishments line up perfectly with his God-given life assignment: spread the “good news” of Jesus Christ, and win the lost at any cost. As Daniel so eloquently phrases it, “Praising God is our business, and business is good.”

Previously, Musgrove Music Distribution has released several musical offerings that are climbing the charts. Daniel Musgrove, in addition to his business interests, is also a successful recording artist. His single, No Matter, is a strong proclamation of determination and perseverance to live for Christ. Gloria Russell’s release, Let the Glory Return, is a beautiful plea of worship that entreats God’s Spirit to set residence in the house of worship. And Bishop Isaiah Musgrove’s single, Broken-Hearted One, is a song of hope and strength that reaches down to a believer’s place of discouragement, and pulls them back up to a place of stronger faith and encouragement.

Presently, Musgrove Music Distribution has a diverse line-up of artists that will soon permeate the radio airways nationally, via online and terrestrial radio stations. Several artists will be making their national debut in February, 2017. Leading the charge is the sound of the young urban duo Kolour with their upbeat single, U Ah Mess, that’s literally burning up the radio in local markets with its social commentary on overconfidence. James Smith & Nu-Birth brings the heat with Who Ya Working Fa, reminding us of our true purpose and calling. No Turnin Back by the Christian Rap artist G2S (feat. Andre Pope) is a smooth-flowing banger that makes a powerful statement for the believer with a made-up mind. And The Prophet (feat. Quandra and Kiarra Haley) rounds out the new release roster with The Blessing Is On The Way, a progressive, high-energy proclamation that the time of elevation and expectation is now.

Daniel Musgrove and the entire Musgrove Music, Inc. family would like to extend a word of sincere gratitude to Charve The Don, CCE and CEO of Concore Entertainment, for recognizing and embracing the vision of Musgrove Music Distribution, and for his hand in providing a solid platform for gospel/Christian artists to be heard, both now and in the future.

For more information on how to become a client of Musgrove Music Distribution, or to have one of the featured artists make an appearance at your next event, call 954.257.9955; email at daniel@musgrovemusicdistribution.com or daniel.musgrove@gmail.com; or visit the website at http://www.musgrovemusicdistribution.com/.